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The Spanish Costa del Sol is a magnet for tourists and a showcase for luxury and relaxation. One of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Sun, beach, quality of life, and the most sophisticated glamour one can imagine. However, there is also a Costa del Sol that does not appear on the map. A place that Europol ranks among the most violent areas in Europe, with 33 murders for settling scores between 2018 and 2021. A war for control of the territory has been taking place here for years between the police and more than 100 criminal groups of 59 nationalities, which increasingly share more resources and operations. Throughout ten episodes, the journalist Antonio Pampliega will learn the stories of the drug traffickers, gangsters, and police who live and work on these 90 kilometers of beach. A trip to the hidden side of the Sunshine Coast.


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An Amazon Music Original podcast produced by La Maldita

Host: Antonio Pampliega

Director: Pedro Garcia Campos

Scripts: Carol Díaz Tapia and Pep Bras

Voices: Diego Expósito, Juan Carlos Parro, Rocio Moreno, Luis Alberto Martín and Adriana Gil.

Fact Checker: Miguel Diaz

Fixer: Carmen Millan

Production coordination for La Maldita: Melissa Olmedo 

Production coordination for Amazon Music: Camila Scher for Amazon Music.

Direct sound: Martín Cruz

Sound designer and post-production: Teo Rodríguez

Sound and post-production assistant: Dani Bravo

Soundtrack: Mariano Otero and Tomás Merello

Recorded at Isolé División Sonora

Cover design: José Mainsterra

Executive produced for Amazon Music and Wondery: Jessica Radburn and Marshall Lewy.

Executive production of La Maldita: Juan Pablo Abait and Lucas Mirvois

Based on the “Costa Nostra” book by Miguel Díaz and Antonio Romero