Expediente Narcosatánico

Unscripted podcast

Portada de Dóberman


An unscripted podcast where Laura Sánchez Ley reveals everything that appears in the judicial file of the narcosatánicos. Who really was Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo? Sara Aldrete, victim or narcosatanic? During six episodes you will be able to listen to the complete story and the recreation of narcosatanics testimonies.

”Expediente Narcosatánic” is an original podcast from La Maldita exclusively for Podimo México.


Available in:  PODIMO


Executive producers: Juan Pablo Abait, Lucas Mirvois and Pablo Ferreira

Production Cordinator: Melissa Olmedo

Production: Gonzalo Quevedo

Script: Lucila Lopardo

Research and journalistic production: Dardo Neubauer and Laura Sánchez Ley  with the project Archivero Expedientes.

Casting: Chema Tena

Recorded at: Estudio Continuo by Esaú Morales

Sound Desing and post-production: Federico Schujman, Ariel Schujman and Mateo Corrá at Estudio Red.

Soundtrack:  Tomás Merelo y Mariano Otero

Voices: Rigoberto García, Cristina Montero, Juan Ugarte, Otavio Ferdi, Javier Aparicio and Javier de la Vega.