Marcados (Targered)


Soledad Barruti knows that food for kids is a marketing invention. Things to eat that shine among bears, tigers, and clowns. Products full of tons of sugar, fat, and salt but colored, flavored and scented as if they are fruit and cereals. Synthetic vitamins and advertising promise that nobody claims to meet. An experiment. What’s going wrong. “Targeted” is a voyage through these ingredients, brands, and rules. We’re on this voyage with her and her son Benjamin, behind the scenes of Danonino, Zucaritas, Doritos, Bimbo, la Cajita Feliz and Nestlé milk. We’re looking to uncover one of the biggest problems of our times: what kids eat and what they’re not eating because they are eating these things.


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Host: Soledad Barruti
A podcast by Bocado and La Maldita
Executive Producers: Juan Pablo Abait and Lucas Mirvois
Investigative journalism: Soledad Barruti
Scripts: Emilia Erbetta, Lucía Cholakian Herrera and Soledad Barruti
Archives: Mariana Collante
Sound design and post-production: Juan Pablo Ferreiro
Production coordinator: Dolores Crivocapich