Muertes En El Internado (Deaths In Rehab)


A thorough, 10-year investigation that enters an unknown world, that of addiction rehab centers. After a detective task to get to the truth, a journalist obsessed with a series of accusations that come to him is embroiled in a true adventure with all its ingredients: in this story, there are bad good guys and good, bad guys, victims, undercover witnesses, riots, leaks, blood, and deaths.


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An original podcast by Podimo and La Maldita
Narrated by Dolores Fonzi
Directors and Executive Producers: Juan Pablo Abait and Lucas Mirvois
Investigative journalism, production, and script: Pablo Galfre
Script: Florencia Flores Iborra
Production coordinator: Dolores Crivocapich
Sound design and post-production: Juan Pablo Ferreiro
Music: Mariano Otero