Paco Stanley: bullying, scandals and organized crime

Unscripted podcast


In 1999, while Bill Clinton was facing a trial for sexual harassment, Hugo Chávez was taking the presidency of Venezuela and Shakira was asking the world where are the thieves: Mexico exploded. Or so did the more than 20 shots aimed at the presenter of the moment Francisco "Paco" Stanley, and that ended with his life on any given day in Mexico City. Estefanía Veloz, presenter, political analyst, lawyer and activist for women's rights, presents ''Paco Stanley: bullying, scandals and organized crime'', a podcast that is a docu-series that aims to understand who wanted to kill Stanley, but also, is a sound test in which, together with rencognized voices, she will analyze through the lenses of the new generation, the murder that left Mexico, face to face with misogyny, discrimination and organized crime.

”Paco Stanley: bullying, scandals and organized crime” is an original podcast from La Maldita exclusively for Podimo Latam.


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Executive producers: Juan Pablo Abait, Lucas Mirvois y Pablo Ferreira

Directed and Scripted: Lucila Lopardo

Production Cordinator: Dolores Crivocapich

Production: Gonzalo Quevedo, Melissa Olmedo

Research and journalistic production: Estefanía Veloz

Voices: Rigo García, Juan Ugarte, Javier de la Vega y Octavio Ferdi

Sound Desing and post-production: Federico Schujman, Ariel Schujman y Gonzalo Messi en Estudio Red

Soundtrack:  Tomás Merelo y Mariano Otero

Cover Design: Santiago Barrós