Según Roxi, The Play

Portada de Dóberman


A group of parents in a kindergarten has to prepare a play for their children. This experience makes them confront their most profound frustration, leaving them exposed and stressed out. The conflicts around the preparations and the over-excitement that accumulate during the rehearsals strip their personalities and prejudices, leaving their emotions on the surface. On the edge of a nervous breakdown, mums and dads find out who they are today and whom they want to be in this life. A hilarious comedy that makes you laugh at human contradictions.


Written by: Azul Lombardía and Julieta Otero
Director: Azul Lombardía
Cast: Julieta Otero, Ana Garibaldi, Mara Bestelli, María Marull, Gabo Correa, Juan Martín Zubiri, Emiliano Ré, Fran Ruiz Barlett
Production: Loli Crivocapich
Executive Producer: Lucas Mirvois